Meditation is simple

Meditation is the highest form of consciousness. It means unity and being at one with your own body, mind and soul.

In the busyness of today’s everyday life, with a flood of sensory perceptions that irritate the mind and keep it moving, thousands of thoughts drown out our inner voice. It is hardly possible to pause and trace the developments in one’s own life. And through meditation, the mind regains its clarity.

Why should we meditate?

  • Increased concentration and focus
  • Enhanced powers of observation
  • Living in the now
  • Reduction of the circular train of thoughts
  • Greater anger control
  • Better understanding of relationships
  • Less clinging
  • Increased feelings of empathy and love
  • Support when fighting addiction
  • High energy level

How can meditation be of interest to us?

Meditation is an unintentional intention. It is not an intellectual but a natural state, filled with mindfulness and consciousness. In meditation, there is only the natural being and existence.

If you try to create or force a state of meditation at all costs, you will not be successful. A trained meditation instructor can support you in learning and practising your meditation.

There are 6 simple but important steps, that you must know, to be able to integrate meditation simply into your everyday life:

  • A set 5-minute routine – every day one minute more
  • Choose a quiet spot, e.g. a park, in the house or outdoors
  • No external influences – close your eyes, withdraw your senses
  • Deep breaths – Connection with emotions, heartbeat and brain
  • Observe your inner world – but do not interact with it
  • Smile slightly – be relaxed

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Ms. Landbeck, born in the USA, came to Germany after completing her studies, where she worked as a healing practitioner with a focus on homeopathy and psychotherapy for over 20 years in her private practice. She later completed her training as Creative- and Art-therapist and worked further as a manager and lecturer in healing practitioner schools. A pilgrimage took her to India, where she encountered Vedic teachings and deepened her knowledge in Vedanta, meditation and yoga. Since 2017, Ms. Landbeck has been part of the Ayurveda Parkschlösschen team and works as an Ayurveda psychology consultant and retreat leader.

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