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Destinations and holiday planning according to the constitution types

Holidays and travel should bring relaxation, regeneration and new strength for everyday life. Often, however, the desired recovery effect is missing. Better planning leads to better holiday results.

Vata needs a green environment with fields, forest and water. The climate should be warm, but not too hot, and the humidity not too low. Calming walks and hikes, wellness, and a moderate programme of sports such as Nordic Walking are ideal. Alternatively, relaxing bicycle or golf holidays are also suitable.

Pitta needs landscapes with water, forest and mountains. The climate should be on the cooler side. A sport hotel with plenty of endurance sports such as mountain biking makes a good fit. Good alternatives are adventure, alpine skiing, sailing or surfing vacations.

Kapha needs a rougher terrain. The climate should preferably be hot and windy with low humidity. An active holiday at the sea, a club vacation with tennis, climbing, rowing or cross-country skiing is ideal, but a sightseeing holiday with a travel group is also suitable.

Families need a Tridosha holiday suitable for all constitutional types, and should thus vacation only in temperate climate zones.

When organising long-distance journeys, a rest period prior to and after the holiday must be included as part of the itinerary in order to obtain the necessary distance from everyday professional life, and later, to assimilate the flight conditions, climate change and nutritional adaptation. Long-distance holidays are too strenuous for persons who are under extreme professional stress.

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