Detox Yoga to reduce Kapha

Detox Yoga Cycle to reduce Kapha | Ayurveda Parkschlösschen Health Blog

The Yoga Cycle for the Kapha Constitution

In winter, the body accumulates the Dosha Kapha due to a rich diet, less exercise and the wet and cold weather. We then often feel tired, sluggish and listless.

Our Detox Yoga cycle helps to stimulate your digestive fire “Agni”, to get your metabolism going and support weight loss. Start the new year liberated and with new energy.

You can download the instructions here >>>

By the way, you will find this yoga cycle as well as many helpful tips and suggestions in our practice book “The Art of Ayurvedic Healing” which you can order in our online shop >>

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Katrin Völker is a trained hotel specialist and has worked in this profession for 10 years on cruise ships. In 2018 she did a yoga training in Nepal. Back in Germany, she completed intensive training as an Ayurveda health consultant in 2019. Since May 2019, Ms. Völker complements the Ayurveda Parkschlösschen team as a yoga and meditation teacher and Ayurveda therapist.

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