Dosha Story: A Walk in Autumn

Dosha Story: Herbstspaziergang mit Vata, Pitta und Kapha | Ayurveda Parkschlösschen Health Blog

Vata, Pitta and Kapha on a walk in autumn.

Vata and Kapha are wearing a thick scarf, a light winter jacket and lined boots. Vata also wears ear protectors over his/her sensitive ears and their gloves are already in their pockets, in case it gets colder. Pitta wears a light jacket, sneakers, no scarf and even the thought of a cap makes him/her sweat a bit.

Vata shouts refreshed “Wow, how beautiful, look at all these colours! If only it was not so cold and windy out here, brrrrr. I’d love to just sit here quietly and creatively paint a picture of it.”

Pitta replies, “Well, I’m glad it finally cooled down a bit, the heat this summer has been too much for my head. That was just too much Pitta weather for me. “

Kapha interjects: “Finally it was a real summer, I would like to have Sahara weather here in Germany, dry and hot. Just right for me. This damp and cold now in the autumn is creepy. Uncomfortable Kapha weather sends its greetings.  I’ve been dragging a cold for weeks around with me. Vata, would you like to spontaneously fly with me down south again?”

Vata is very happy: “Oh great, that would be terrific. It will help us get better through the winter Kapha and maybe you can recover from your cold in the warmth. I check it out on my smartphone right away and see where we could fly to. Agadir? Marrakesh? Cyprus? Bodrum? Tenerife? Where do you want to go? I’ll go anywhere. It’s always hard for me to make a choice. “

Kapha: “Vata, do not be so hasty. I have to sleep on it a night. So please ask me again tomorrow. “

Pitta also makes plans: “I’ll pass on the holiday in the south. I’d prefer to go hiking in the mountains for a few days or check-out where the ski season has already started. A little peace and relaxation will do me good. “

Kapha says: “What a pity that we are always so different in terms of temperature, but we will send you a postcard and we will be glad if you send us one as well. We will all have a lot of fun during our autumn vacation. “

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