Tea for strengthening your immune system

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Tea for strengthening your immune system when you have a cold

The transition from autumn to winter is also a strain on the immune system. In November and December Vata dominates, mostly with cold, windy and dry weather, followed by cold and wet climate in January and February influenced by Kapha.

For use either to prevent colds or to treat them, we recommend the following Ayurvedic drink for this time of year:


2-3 times daily: Add hot water to ½ teaspoon each of turmeric powder and ginger powder with a pinch of pepper and drink as hot as possible. The spices can be found in our online shop >>


1. Turmeric (Sanskrit: Curcuma)

Turmeric (Rizoma curcumae longae) is an almost universal remedy for the liver and skin. It is anti-allergenic, stimulating and decongestant; it also stimulates the flow of bile. You can use this spice to flavour foods and as a tea simply by pouring hot water over it and stirring (¼ to ½ teaspoon tumeric per cup). Adding a pinch of pepper will greatly help resorption. Turmeric has proved itself to be very effective combating the common cold, congestion, coughing and also swelling such as after tooth extraction or after an operation.

2. Ginger (Sanskrit: Sunthi)

Also, ginger is one of the most universal remedies of Ayurveda. Like aspirin, ginger inhibits blood clotting and thus can prevent a heart attack. It also purifies the blood and can affect the cholesterol level positively. Ginger also helps with stomach and digestive problems and has a soothing effect on colds. Ginger powder is significantly stronger than the fresh root.

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