Tips for the lazy days of summer

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Flowers and trees are in bloom, birds chirp merrily, and the days are getting longer – summer is nearly upon us.

Because of increased sunshine, temperatures can be hot, a quality of the Pitta Dosha, one of the three basic principles that govern our bodies on the physical, mental and emotional levels. The summer routine should focus on decreasing Pitta to avoid Pitta type disorders in our bodies such as rashes, anger, diarrhoea, acidity etc. Stay “fresh as a daisy” by taking advantage of the Ayurvedic principles.

The Summer in Ayurveda

The summer (Grishma Ritu) greets us with warm rays of sun that are getting stronger. As Pitta increases in our environment, our bodies decrease Pitta. The human body regulates Pitta by lowering the metabolism, manifested by a smaller appetite and reduced performance in heat. This reduces also the digestive fire Agni and, therefore, our digestive process. We should conform to this regulatory principle also in the choice of our daily food. Just as we wear light clothing in summer and prefer staying in the shade or in a cool place, we should select food which is easily digestible and which regulates Pitta.

In addition to a higher fluid intake of warm beverages that quench thirst better than cold ones, Ayurveda recommends for the summer months especially light meals with predominance of sweet, bitter or astringent taste.

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Ms. Kansal completed her 6-year Ayurveda studies in India in 2006. She then worked as a lecturer and until 2007 worked as an Ayurveda doctor in Indian Ayurveda hospitals. In 2008 she came to Germany and completed her training as a healing practitioner in 2016. Ms. Kansal has been working at the Ayurveda Parkschlösschen since 2012. Her intensive Sanskrit and yoga studies give her a deep Ayurvedic knowledge.

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