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Time for calm and strength

Besides natural medications derived from plants, the correct nutrition for each individual, yoga and meditation, other traditional healing agents used in Ayurveda are colours, smells and sounds. Mantras are energetic sounds or holy words, such as we know from many religions and their scripts and prayers. They are an important connecting element between Ayurveda and yoga. In Ayurveda they are understood as a healing process for the mind and a method of self-healing.

OM is the holiest of all mantras. According to Hindu belief it is the original sound, from whose vibrations the universe developed and it is also the object of mystic meditation. The sound corresponds to the condition of waking, of dreaming, of deep sleep and most profound calm. By means of the OM meditation, find your way to better perception, deep concentration and profound, inner calm.


Sit or stand in a relaxed position with your feet about hip’s width apart. Straighten your spine, breathe calmly and deeply. Close your eyes. Now hold the “O” approximately 5 seconds as a deep tone, so that it resonates in the chest area. Then following that, an “M” resounds through the sinuses for about ten seconds. Do this three to five times. Repeat the exercise several times a day.

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Ms. Kansal completed her 6-year Ayurveda studies in India in 2006. She then worked as a lecturer and until 2007 worked as an Ayurveda doctor in Indian Ayurveda hospitals. In 2008 she came to Germany and completed her training as a healing practitioner in 2016. Ms. Kansal has been working at the Ayurveda Parkschlösschen since 2012. Her intensive Sanskrit and yoga studies give her a deep Ayurvedic knowledge.

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