Dosha Story: Easter Egg Search

Vata, Pitta and Kapha are looking for Easter eggs…

Vata enthusiastically runs around the garden with a big grin and wants to collect as many eggs as possible. As fast as the wind Vata criss-crosses from one corner to the next, searching behind the flowers, in bushes, in flower beds, on hills and even sees colours flashing here and there amidst the greenery from afar. Vata hurries so much that one or the other Easter egg is overlooked – then, when he finds one, he cheers “HURRA” at the top of his voice and rejoices like a happy child.

Pitta takes a strategic approach and first tries to bribe the person who distributed the eggs to possibly get information about the hiding places. Then Pitta starts in a corner of the garden, walking purposefully but not too hurriedly from one corner to the other, so as not to miss an Easter egg under any circumstances. In the same time, Pitta has searched the garden far more meticulously than Vata. Even though Pitta has already collected many eggs, it is not enough for him. He wants to win at all costs!

Kapha remains calm and watches the other two from a distance for a while. Then Kapha goes at a leisurely pace to the spot in the garden where neither of the other two has searched yet. He finds 5 Easter eggs, is happy and thinks: “Oh, that’s enough”, goes back into the house and bakes a cake for everyone, while the other two continue to search…

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