Resilience Recipe to strenghten your Mental Health

Warm Easter greetings from the Ayurveda Parkschlösschen

Spring is the time to wake up, to breathe deeply, long for sunlight, oxygen, warmth and to spend time outdoors. Not that easy for everyone in the current situation – therefore, join us us to make the best of it, for a healthy body and mind!

We would like to help you “hold in there” and encourage you to keep an optimistic approach in your everyday life. Therefore, we have developed a resilience recipe for you. The “strengthening” ingredients will help you get through these challenging times – try it out!

Download the resilience recipe here >>

Just print it and go through again and again!

We wish you a Happy Easter and a healthy springtime 🙂

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Ms. Landbeck, born in the USA, came to Germany after completing her studies, where she worked as a healing practitioner with a focus on homeopathy and psychotherapy for over 20 years in her private practice. She later completed her training as Creative- and Art-therapist and worked further as a manager and lecturer in healing practitioner schools. A pilgrimage took her to India, where she encountered Vedic teachings and deepened her knowledge in Vedanta, meditation and yoga. Since 2017, Ms. Landbeck has been part of the Ayurveda Parkschlösschen team and works as an Ayurveda psychology consultant and retreat leader.

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