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“Food is medecine”

In Ayurvedic nutritional science, there are numerous recommendations to strengthen the metabolism, support digestion and avoid the formation of Ama (metabolic waste products). In addition to taking into account the six flavours in the dishes and the use of suitable spices, the right combination of different foods is crucial for healthy digestion.

There are certain foods that cannot be digested well when combined in a dish and thus lead to Ama in the digestive tract. This manifests itself, for example, in digestive problems, flatulence, bloating, a feeling of heaviness and a lack of energy, and forms the basis for illnesses of all kinds in the long term.

Here we have compiled food combinations that are unfavourable according to Ayurveda:

Fruit with dairy products and raw fruit with cereals

What many people consider to be part of their daily breakfast is one of the most common erroneous combinations in Ayurveda. This combination can lead to strong fermentation and putrefaction processes, resulting in flatulence and bloating. According to Ayurveda, raw fruit should only be eaten as a snack and ideally no other meals should be eaten 2 hours before and after eating it. The combination of raw fruit and grains also leads to fermentation processes. Steamed or cooked fruit, on the other hand, can be combined wonderfully.

Alternatives: Muesli with stewed fruit as a compote, plant milk, lassi with only spices or rose water, latte macchiato and yoghurt for breakfast, separately from orange juice or fruit smoothie.

Dairy products with meat and fish

Ayurveda emphasises that different animal proteins should not be eaten together as this inevitably leads to the formation of Ama. Although fresh, ethically produced and non-ultra-pasteurised organic whole milk is highly valued as a Rasayana, it should not be combined with meat or fish – the ingested food cannot be optimally metabolised.

Alternatives: Plant milk in combination with animal proteins, legumes/rice with milk (instead of animal proteins with milk), animal proteins with vegetables.

Raw fruit with raw vegetables

These cannot be optimally digested at the same time and therefore form Ama.

Alternatives: Steamed fruit and vegetables can be easily combined.

Cold drinks or ice cream with hot dishes

This combination has a toxic effect in the intestine and leads to the formation of Ama. The body wants to warm cold drinks or ice-cold food in the stomach. Until the body has warmed the entire contents of the stomach to the desired, ideal digestive temperature (37°C), components of the food that has already arrived in the stomach begin to ferment – resulting in the formation of Ama.

Alternatives: Instead of cold or iced beverages before meals – do not drink anything or at most one cup of herbal tea or hot water half an hour before, after and, of course, during meals.

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