Ayurveda Detox at Home – For the Best Start into the New Year!

New Year's Detox | Ayurveda Parkschlösschen Health Blog

5 to 7 day plan to stimulate the metabolism

A new year has begun, and with it come the traditional fasting days. But before you throw yourself into the usual cleansing practices, we would like to introduce you to an alternative – our simple Detox Plan based on Ayurvedic principles. Unlike traditional fasting, this plan is a gentle but effective method for releasing the body and mind, and strengthening the digestive fire.

To give you the best possible start into the fasting period, we have prepared detailed instructions for our 5 to 7 day Detox Plan as a PDF, which you can download below. Here you will also find lifestyle tips and recipes to support you during this process.

The Ayurveda Detox goes beyond simple fasting: it is tailored to the individual needs of the Dosha types and focuses on strengthening the digestive fire (Agni), an important basis of health in Ayurveda.

For a complete and intensive cleansing on a physical and mental level, Ayurveda recommends Panchakarma − the Ayurvedic royal therapy. Here, a special sequence of oil massages, traditional treatments and cleansing procedures are used to remove metabolic residues (Ama) from the body and restore the balance of the Doshas. The Ayurveda Detox Plan is ideal as a preparation for Panchakarma or as a light detox treatment for at home.

Our 5 to 7-day plan is designed so that it can be integrated as easily as possible into everyday life. However, we recommend that you choose a period in which you have few or no obligations.

New Year's Cleanse | Ayurveda Parkschlösschen Health Blog

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Are you interested in an intensive time off for deep inner cleansing and to regain mental and physical balance?

We would be happy to accompany you through a Panchakarma cleansing programme for body, mind and soul. >>

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