Dosha Story: Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning with Vata, Pitta and Kapha

Spring cleaning with Vata:
The books on the bedside cabinet need to go on the shelf in the living room. On reaching the living room, Vata finds some candles that should be in the kitchen. There, Vata starts to empty the dishwasher and the thought occurs, that the living room needs to be vacuum cleaned and the utility room also needs cleaning. Vata takes a cloth and goes into the bedroom to dust the chest of drawers and thinks: “The windows really need cleaning but I’ll do that later.” Shortly afterwards, Vata wonders why the door to the utility room is still open and remembers about vacuum cleaning there, too. On passing by the kitchen, the dishwasher is emptied quickly and then Vata is off to the living room – briefly back to the kitchen to fetch the vacuum cleaner left standing there – and then it occurs to Vata, that the plants on the window sill could do with some water. Vata sees a newspaper, thinks: “Oh, that sounds interesting”, and begins to read without further ado …

Spring cleaning with Pitta:
First of all, a plan is drawn up stating how to clean the house most efficiently, and then – rapidly – everything is clean again and back where it belongs. What’s no longer needed, lands in the rubbish bin without any great reflection. But apart from that, there’s not usually much to clean and tidy in a Pitta household, since everything is dealt with directly in everyday life, so that it all looks perfect, clean and tidy.

Spring cleaning with Kapha:
… for days now. To make it cosier, Kapha first lights some candles and puts on some gentle music. Then, off Kapha goes at a leisurely pace. One thing or another is placed on already existing huge piles, since Kapha really doesn’t find it easy to throw anything away. However, going into the living room for the third time, the sofa becomes more and more appealing and Kapha thinks: “Just a short break.” … Only to nod off a short while later with the thought: “Oh well, there’s time for that tomorrow…”

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